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Enam Jahanam (1969)

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Enam Jahanam (1969)

Director: Tan Sri Dr P. Ramlee
Producer Company: Merdeka Film Productions Sdn. Bhd.
Language: Malay
categories: Feature Film
Genre: Adventure, Action
Classification: U - General viewing for all ages
Release Date: 1969

In a village called Saroja town there are six men who formed the group The six Shit. They perform a variety of crimes such as robbery, rape and kill villagers to get rich and satisfying their evil desires . Having successfully accumulate wealth so much , they agreed to stop their nefarious activities and bring their own bows using the wealth . Because of their greed , the Six hell decided to make their last heist tower town village . Lived there with his wife Masmera Tantari merchant . Tantari open a shop selling clothing and fabrics . On the night of the robbery, Tantari been out on important business . Incidentally , Tantari and his wife had promised earlier by a craftsman photo to take pictures of them. As Tantari no , Masmera picture alone. When handyman quotes picture camera , the Six of hell in the store Tantari and successfully captured by the camera. Tailor the picture was brutally murdered and raped while Masmera were killed . When Tantari home, handyman photo Masmera managed and pointing to the camera before she died. Once the image was processed and printed, the face looks Six hell is responsible for the death of his wife . Tantari studied the warrior determined to eliminate Hell Six guided imagery. In his travels he got help from Damburi that appear suspicious .
  1. P. Ramlee sebagai Tantari
  2. Nor Azizah sebagai Masmera / Mastika
  3. Yusoff Latif sebagai Laksamana Damburi
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